Donald Trump is Broke

According to the Bipartisan Report

Donald Trump seems to be having financial difficulties. Bipartisan Report says that Mr. Trump owes taxes to New York and that he’s claiming an income of less than $500,000.00. “The property tax bill shows that Trump owes approximately $97,000 by July 1st, and $192,000 in total. The highlighted section shows the “Basic STAR – School Tax Relief” credit that New York City’s Trump Tower was eligible for.” The report goes on to say; “The so-called business mogul has been hinting all along that he’s worth billions, but according to his property taxes, that’s not exactly the case. And what’s even more surprising is the fact that Crain’s New York found the same tax credit in Trump’s 2015 property taxes.”

According to Politico, Donald Trump released reports that listed his net worth at in excess of 10 billion dollars. However these are “self released” reports and can not be confirmed because Mr. Trump refuses to to release his tax returns.

USA Today reported that “Trump’s balance sheet shows the real-estate magnate in the weakest financial position of any recent nominee. In all, Trump has brought in $64.6 million during the entire election cycle, including $45.7 million in loans he has made to his campaign. By comparison, the 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney had collected $120.6 million at this point in that election.”

Two thing have become obvious. Donald Trump is having financial troubles again and he’s due for another bankruptcy. Secondly, he’s a sideshow con man who needs the support of bigoted and fearful White people to vote for him. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, these fearful, bigoted and poor Whites don’t reach into their pockets for political donations evidently.

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