Race War Eminent

Donald Trump and Louis Farrakhan In Talks to Divide The U.S. Into Two Separate Countries

Sources report that the two met in Chicago to arrange a divide the country to incite a brutal race war in two years. The two countries will be bordered by the original Mason-Dixon line.
The plan is to take effect promptly at 00:00 EST on Jan 1, 2019. The UN will oversee the divide and will also deport Blacks to the south and Whites to the north. Anyone who violates this order will be shot on site.
It was also agreed that the Clintons will be imprisoned for treason and shot soon after. Other arrests include, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Jesse Jackson and David Clarke. 
In addition there is a planned tactical nuclear strike to reduce the population by one third.

See how easy it is to publish a bullshit story Jeff Selchow?13876620_1050067715100500_8474996260742935724_n
More details are to be formalized once Trumpo assumes office.